1) Is steam cleaning of my carpets the beat solution for me?
Yes, absolutely. Water is the best vehicle for dirt to ride on in the removal process. Besides that, its safe, and with the detergents we use at Wood’s there is no residue left in your carpet. With any method other than steam cleaning, there is always residue left behind and the carpets are usually not left as soft and silky feeling had our service been used.

2) Why Reviews?
Reviews allow people shopping for services like mine to see what their neighbors are saying about the company and the services provided. Every review for Wood’s is found on third party websites such as Google; Yahoo; Yelp and so on, so that I have no control over what is said about my services. Every review for Wood’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is 100% legitimate. You can click on the person’s name and verify everything they’ve written. I’m sorry to say that that cannot be said about some of my competitors who claim 5-star reviews that are on their own websites as opposed to third party sites.

If reviews were on my website only then I’d have full control over what they contain and readers should be skeptical, at best, about them. The tests are:

1) Are the reviews on third party sites? If not be very leery.

2) Can I leave my own review? Some sites say the ability to leave the review is coming later. But then how did all those existing reviews get on the site, and why can’t I read them in some cases?

3) Do you use organic detergents?
Yes. All detergents used by Wood’s are non-toxic and biodegradable. Members of our family include children and pets, too. 🙂

4) Do you charge extra for spot removal?
No, we won’t “nickel and dime” our customers – they’re too important to us for that sort of game-playing. Only for juice and some furniture stain removal where significant additional time and/or resources are necessary might we charge extra. However, the customer will always be consulted before hand. All other stain removal is included in our regular service.

5) How much do you charge for reapplying stain resistance to my stain resistant carpet?
This is an add-on sale which is often unnecessary; however, in those instances that it is wanted and indeed needed, its $15.00 per area. Regarding furniture; Scotchgard treatment pricing varies.

6) Is the price you’re giving me a “quote” or just an “estimate”?
Quote. Oh, and our charge for cleaning carpeted stairs is a “per-area” charge and not a “per-step” charge. There’s a huge difference price wise. 😉

7) How long will the carpets need to dry?
An average of 4-5 hours unless the humidity inside the home is high; however, in those cases we will spend additional time in your home getting the carpet as dry as possible for no additional charge.

8) Do you mind if I observe while your workers clean my carpet or upholstery?
Absolutely not.

9) Do you use state of the art equipment such as the Rotovac System?
Rotovac is the system we use to clean carpets. Rotovac has proven to be as good as, or better than, any other system available today. We get a lot of “WOW!” and “NICE JOB!!” comments from our customers. We’ve come to expect such comments.

10) Do you charge mileage fees?