Our carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning or is sometimes referred to as hot water, or wet extraction carpet cleaning. We DO NOT charge mileage fees. We employ the use of truck mounted and portable equipment  for easy access to any location. Our chemicals are green friendly and safe.

Our Method
Wood’s Carpet Cleaning possess the knowledge and capability to identify and extract naturally organic occurring components which work best for our cleaning needs while remaining dedicated to the well being of our children, pets and all family members and friends occupying our residences. What technology has offered us in a safe and friendly manner is the capability to deliver and exercise our ability to use these fine cleaning agents properly and effectively. At Wood’s we have: a) the knowledge of these cleaning agents, b) the know-how to employ their use effectively via hi-tech equipment.

It is unnecessary to use potentially harmful and unwanted chemicals simply because they cost us less and increase our profitability. Our profits will grow exponentially through our hard work as well as the satisfaction of our customers. We are not looking for the highest sales per job. We’re interested in returning when the needs of our customers arise, again.

Rotovac 360
We at Wood’s employ the use of truck mounted equipment and/or portable extractors and the Rotovac 360i for convenience to our customers so we have: a) the flexibility to get anywhere we need to go, b) keep our overhead low so we can pass those saving onto our customers, c) clean even the dirtiest carpets and d) its one of many small but effective way’s of doing our part for the environment. Our state of the art equipment and earth friendly yet effective cleaning detergents will have your carpets looking as clean as they can given their age and use (they’ll smell wonderful, too). Thats our guarantee and we stand behind it 100%.

Many household carpet cleaning machines do not possess the ability to deep clean carpets and therefore only remove the surface dirt, home carpet cleaners are useful in emergency situations but are not built for thorough carpet cleaning needs.

Green Friendly
We use only the most safe and environmentally friendly – (authentically) biodegradable, non-toxic detergents. Our detergents leave no residue behind, and help your carpets maintain the clean fresh appearance we leave them with longer than any detergent we’ve used in all our years of service (and we’ve tried all of the, so-called, ‘best’).

If you decide to give Wood’s a go, we promise to work as hard as necessary to get your carpets and furniture as clean and fresh smelling as they can be given their age and use. We also promise to use only the safest yet most effective professional cleaning detergents.

About Us

VanWoods specializes in residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, odor elimination in carpet and upholstery and general cleaning for property management, real estate service companies and landlords. We’ve been in business since 1991.

Wood’s Carpet Cleaning Service is dedicated to the residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We specialize in ‘difficult’ to clean carpets for residents, property management, real estate, restaurants, schools as well as industrial business. Our prices are fair and our work ethic is, “hard”.

Now, 20+ years later, Wood’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning thrives as my daughter Rebecca, along with her husband Ryan generously help with the advertising and graphic aspects as that’s their expertise.


Many household carpet cleaning machines do not possess the ability to deep clean your carpets and therefore only remove surface dirt. Our detergents are safe, environmently friendly and they get the job done with the wellbeing of your family members, children and pets, foremost in our mind. -Rob Wood